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A Visit to Remember

Jamie and Ace Alfalla set out to create an experience that lived up to an exceptionally high standard - their own. When the pair laid eyes on the Graystone, they knew they had found their next adventure. The Graystone invites luxury travelers to dine, socialize, and stay in style. More than lavish accommodations, we deliver an unforgettable experience. We celebrate the new roaring ‘20s with a classic, yet modern setting – irresistible to today’s high-society travelers. Our guests have refined tastes, and we’ve raised the bar to match.

We know the details matter, and we deliver. Ultra-fine linens, modern furniture and amenities come standard – we aim much higher with high-touch service, fine dining, and dreamy surroundings. We believe in magical moments, discovered experiences and a lifestyle worth showing off. From your wedding day to your weekend adventure – and everything in between, we welcome you to the Graystone.

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